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With over 3,000 render nodes, VoxelMillRender is one of the largest and most impressive renderfarms in the Asia Pacific. Our cloud rendering service allows you to submit your render tasks online with minimal fuss, providing you with the best-in-class enterprise grade render farm service to all our clients. Regardless whether you are a design studio looking to communicate an interior design concept or you are an architect looking to impress with your vision of the next uber luxurious condominium, our renderfarm has what it takes to help you.


Serving clients across the Asia Pacific in Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, our renderfarm service is trusted by countless 3D CG animation studios.


With over 25,000 users spanning across 25 countries, (You can view some of our clients' projects.) VoxelMillRender is committed to meet our clients' unrelenting demands for more rendering prowess and to provide a truly enterprise class renderfarm to all our clients. With our recently revised pricing, you can expect to maximise your investment and overheads in rendering.


An enterprise class cloud rendering solution like ours enables you to render wherever you are and whenever you want. With a team of about 100 comprising of engineers, customer service, technical support and account managers working round the clock, you can be assured that we are always committed to serve our clients well.




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NVIDIA M40 Tesla GPU Rendering



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GPU-accelerated computing is the use of a graphics processing unit (GPU) together with a CPU to accelerate scientific, analytics, engineering, consumer, and enterprise applications. Pioneered in 2007 by NVIDIA®, GPU accelerators now power energy-efficient datacenters in government labs, universities, enterprises, and small-and-medium businesses around the world. GPUs are accelerating applications in platforms ranging from cars, to mobile phones and tablets, to drones and robots.


GPU rendering is incredibly fast and less power hungry.


The NVIDIA Tesla M40 GPU Accelerator is purpose-built for deep learning training and is the world's fastest deep learning training accelerator for data center. Tesla M40 is based on NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture and a Tesla M40 server outperforms CPU server by 13x. - See more at NVIDIA.


  • NVIDIA Maxwell Architecture
  • Up to 7 Teraflops of single-precision performance with NVIDIA GPU Boost™
  • 3072 NVIDIA CUDA® cores
  • 24 GB of GDDR5 memory
  • 288 GB/sec memory bandwidth
  • Qualified to deliver maximum uptime in the datacenter


Download the Tesla M40 datasheet or find out more about our GPU rendering plan.

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